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    Patti Smith walked in your Fall/Winter 2006 men’s show for the first time. Were you the on who wanted this? It was purely a matter of chance. I was in Paris, preparing for the show, when she called me to say she was coming to the capital to do the promotion for her album and that it would be easy for her to make a visit to Antwerp. I was telling her that I’d be in Paris too, and Patti was completely into the idea of our getting together. She wasn’t at all interested in being part of the audience, she’d always dreamed of seeing me at work. She wanted to be at my side just as I often had been for her in the past, during and after her concerts. Patti took to the game really quickly, trying on all the pieces in the collection, putting the whole team in a good mood with improvised songs and then the day before the show, she just showed me the outfit she wanted to wear on the catwalk.

    Ann Demeulemeester interview. encens magazine no 18 fall/winter 2006/2007

    the baddest bitches

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    Underlined passage, The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America by Daniel J. Boorstin, page 118.

  5. Mort Garson ‎– Electronic Hair Pieces . A&M Records (UK) 1969

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  9. American Horror Story: Freak Show - Main Titles

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